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Services and Rates


Required Initial Care Consultation:  30 to 60 Minutes- FREE:  At this first meet and greet we can answer questions, meet your pets, tour the pet pertinent areas of your home, complete the necessary paperwork, transfer keys, and discuss detailed instructions on how to care for your pets. This required meeting should be scheduled at least 3 days prior to your service. A scheduling fee equal to 50% of the service total is required in order to hold the spot on the schedule, with the balance due two days before service begins.

NOTE: for new service requests with less than 3 days' notice, there is a non-refundable fee of $45 for the Initial Care Consultation. This fee will be credited to your account upon the completion of your scheduled service. The total service balance must be paid at the consultation meeting.


15 Minute Care Visit- $18: only available if appropriate for your pet situation. Good for a quick turn out/potty break in the yard OR easy keeper care (some small cage pets) OR 3rd feeding OR medication administration OR a home security check (with no pet care). 


30 Minute Care Visit - $30: good for mid-day dog walk; home security checks; pets with the need to eat frequent smaller meals or receive medication; puppies; newly adopted adults who just require a short out and some companionship. This time slot can also be used to check on and tend to cats that might go into hiding and have to be found as well as more social cats who appreciate a game of 'chase the laser dot', guinea pigs, mice or rats, fish, lizards and snakes, and birds.


45 Minute Care Visit - $36: good for pets that need supervised feedings and/or longer walks and play, or some multi-pet households.


60 Minute Care Visit - $45:  ideal for households with multiple pets with various exercise and snuggling needs, or to include power walks for high-energy dogs, bathing and brushing, extra training or attention, special outing, etc.


Overnight Stay (in your home, approximately 9 PM-7 AM)- $120:  Does your pet feel better with someone there at night? Does she need potty breaks later in the night in order to "make it" until morning, or does nature call him in the wee hours of the morning? We’ll spend the night in your home so your pets can maintain their routine in the safety and comfort of their own environment. You tell us what your pet's bedtime and wake-up routine is whether it's belly rubs, snacks, and telly before bed, or morning snuggles and a special treat before we leave. * A midday or dinner visit is included.

Hourly Pet Sitting (minimum 3-hour blocks)- $32/hr:

  • Do you need someone to sit with your pet for several hours? This service is a great option for pets needing a little extra TLC when recovering from surgery, pets with separation anxiety, or just those that need some company. 


Homestay- $240: 

  • This service provides a minimum of 18 hours of care within a 24-hour period, including a sleeping stay. The pet sitter will not be away from your home for more than 6 hours in a 24-hour period, and no more than 4 hours at a time. This provides for continuity of care for pets that need more companionship for whatever reason- separation anxiety, health concerns, etc. Includes all dinner, midday, morning, and evening care as well as any services like bathing, longer power walks, transportation to a groomer, etc.

Additional Services:


  • Key drop off or pick up- $30: we ask that two copies of keys be given to us at the Initial Consultation Meeting. For everyone's safety, we will not agree to leave the key on the counter,  under a rock, or use the Postal Service for delivery of keys.

  • Getting a copy of key made$15: if you only have one key at the Initial Consultation Meeting, no problem, we will happily get another one made for you

  • Hotel Pet Sitting- See other service ratesStaying at a local pet-friendly hotel? We can help care for your pets there! Pet sitting visits, midday dog walking, or hourly care.

  • Wedding Pet Care- $80 for a two-hour minimum booking- each additional hour $32:  Allow us to help make your pet a part of your special day, and free up your friends and family to celebrate with you. We can take your pet to the groomer, attend the wedding rehearsal with your dog, provide transportation to the wedding venue, make sure she is exercised and pottied before she plays her part, and then take her back home when she's ready (or when you desire) for feeding. We can also transport to the kennel or provide pet sitting services while you are on your honeymoon. Some things to keep in mind: Make sure your pet can handle a large-scale event. Decide on a pet-friendly venue. Notify guests that your pets will be present in case of any allergies. Decide on any wedding attire or special accessories for your pet.

  • Pet Taxi - $20 one way, up to 7 miles ($2.00 each additional mile): We’ll transport your pet to and/or from the groomer, vet, trainer, doggie daycare, or other location.

  • Supply Pickup (dog food, treats, medication, etc.)- $25 if within 7 miles (add $2.00 each additional mile): run out of time and short on food, litter, paper towels, or medicines? No worries, we can make a supply run for you.

  • Litter box cleaning and sanitizing- $20 per litter box: dirty litter is disposed of, the litter box is scrubbed and sanitized, then refilled per client preferences

  • Emergency Vet Visit - $50/hour plus mileage

  • House Service Call- $30/half hour: we will wait for a service person so you don't have to 



Visits are available in 15, 30, 45, and 60-minute time slots, overnight care, and an 18-hour stay. Time is customized per your pets' needs: leash walk and/or yard play, snuggling and TLC, feeding, medication if needed, litter box or cage cleaning, freshening the water, etc. We do not charge extra for additional pets or administering medications, but the scheduled time must be sufficient to properly tend to all pets. Failure to schedule adequate time may result in additional charges.

A mileage charge of $2.00 per mile is added for service outside of our service area of 7-miles. 


Walks: We never take dogs off of their leash unless they are in their own securely fenced yard. Therefore, we do not take client dogs to a dog park. Dogs that are walked on leashes must be leash trained. We do not provide training at this time, but will happily reinforce your training as long as written instructions are provided. Safety is our highest priority, and we reserve the right to shorten a walk if we deem it unsafe for anyone for any reason. In order to provide the highest level of oversight and attention to your dog, we do not do group walks. We will, however, walk a maximum of two dogs of the same household at the same time only if they walk politely and safely together. 


Vacation Care: for dogs, plan on scheduling a minimum of three times per day except for the day of departure and return. For cats and small pets only, plan on a minimum of one visit per day unless there are special health, medication, or dietary needs. We schedule bedtime and morning visits to 12 hours or less between visits. Time slots can be mixed to suit your need.

Included in vacation care:

  • Picking up mail, newspapers, fliers

  • Watering indoor plants

  • Taking out recycling and trash to the curb on the proper day and bringing it back

  • Rotating lights and blinds if desired


Times: Visits are scheduled to fall within a time range rather than a specific time, with the exception of medical conditions that require medication or care at a specific time. We do our best to visit at your ideal time, but cannot always guarantee an exact time.

  •  Morning visits take place between 7:00 and 11:00 AM 

  •  Midday visits take place between 11 and 4:00 PM

  •  Evening visits take place between 4 and 7:00 PM

  •  Bedtime visits take place between 7:00 and 8:30 PM 

  •  Overnight stays are from 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM 


* All visits include a free daily update and photo through Time to Pet software (email or text, per client preference).

Referral Bonus:

Everyone knows word of mouth is the best advertising, so if you love us, shout it from the rooftops- it may get you some money in your pocket (and our unending gratitude). If you tell someone about us, and they schedule and complete a care visit, you get a free 30-minute visit. 



Want to know more about how we keep your pets, your home and ourselves safe and happy? 

Service Area

Included in our service is travel up to 11 miles from the Calvert Terrace area in Easton, MD. Check out our map to see if you are in range.


Visit our FAQ page to see if someone has already asked your question. If not, no problem- just ask!

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